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Explore Personal Stories from Our Clients

Everyone has unique requirements for their video needs.
You might need 3 months of light video work or you might need a full-time team. We offer various packages that allow you to grow.

Explore Personal Stories from Our Clients
Explore Personal Stories from Our Clients
Explore Personal Stories from Our Clients

Video Projects We Work On...

Everyone has unique requirements for their video needs. You might need 3 months of light video work or you might need a full-time team. We offer various packages that allow you to grow.

YouTube Videos

Running a YouTube channel, but don't have time to do video editing. Our editors are experts at editing YouTube videos!

Home Videos

Do you have home videos that you want edited making them fun to watch? Perfect! we love working with family videos and home movies.

Staff Training

We also create video training that could enhance your employees' skills and make them more valuable to your company!

Online Commercials

Do you have products you wish to promote online? Contact us! Our team of video editors could do videos just right for your need!

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are a thing nowadays. The demand is quite high. But you don't need to worry, I have a team that could help you!

Business Presentations

Creating Business Presentations can be stressful! It needs to capture everyone's attention and needs to be as detailed as possible. Let my team help you!

Wedding & Event Videos

Do you want to reminisce on the best day of your life like it was yesterday? Fret no more! We do wedding and event videos that captures the most magical day of your life!

Screen Casts

Do you do remote meetings? Sometimes it is important that you share your screen to everyone on board. Let my team help you do that for you!


Are you going to do a speech and you need it to be professionally edited? I have a team of editors who can help you create the video done!

Music Videos

We can help you edit your music videos to make it look professional. Yes! We can help you achieve your dream to have a professionally edited music video!

Real Estate Videos

Are you into real estate? A broker? It is definitely easier to sell properties when a professional does the video coverage! Contact us now!

Interviews & Talk Shows

Do you have an interview or talk show you need recorded? Let us help you with that! Our team are experts in editing videos that delivers the message you need!

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We want you to be delighted and happy with our work. If you don’t like something, we will work with you to make it right, or we will refund your money.

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The power of using arrows in your thumbnails

By using arrows in some of the thumbnails we design helps direct the viewers focus into making the video “feel” important.

It can also point out specific items, products, or simply get their attention to refocus if they are drifting, day dreaming, or looking at another video thumbnail.

Bringing in the human element into your YouTube thumbnails

When you add a face to a thumbnail, people can relate. It is the same reason why many chimpanzees love watching other chimps or humans love reality TV.

Using faces in your thumbnails can increase your click-thru ratio.

Easy-to-read typography and fonts

Thumbnails should have easy-to-read fonts and a clear message of what your video is about without reading the title.

We focus on designing thumbnails that are strong and create less eye-strain to your audience.

We focus on showing proof in your thumbnails

An image example or screenshot can bring your thumbnail or video credibility.

This accelerates the potential for click-through and increases your views.

The right color choices can make your thumbnail stand-out

Not only can the right color choices grab attention of the audience, but it can also increase the number of people that can view the thumbnail to it’s full potential.

For example, many people don’t even consider the color-blind or people who are blue-green color blind and how that affects their thumbnails.

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Channel Review Only

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Specifically made for YouTubers or content creators that create one video each week and a little extra


YouTube Channel Review & Coaching Session

$ 0

Publish two videos a week? This package is perfect if you have a more aggressive publishing schedule


YouTube Channel Review, Coaching Session, & Marketing Strategy Session

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Do you publish three, four, or five videos each week to your audience? Our unlimited package would be a perfect for you!

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Our Process and How it Works

Here is a breakdown of our video editing process and how we get your videos edited!

1. Register for a Plan

Choose your package based on the number of videos you want edited each month.

2. Upload Videos

Upload the videos to our server, Dropbox, and let us know where your videos are

3. Editing Process

We start the editing process and get to work on your videos based on your submission

4. Review

Review your completed video. If changes are needed, we go back and make adjustments.

5. Complete

Once you are happy with the final video, mark it as complete!

Answering your common questions

Here are the answers to your most commonly asked questions…

Why do I need my YouTube Channel Review & Analysis?

These services are for those looking to improve their YouTube Channel to get more views and make more money.

We have years of experience with several channels on the Platform.

We can help you out a lot with your own Channel and optimize it for you.

What do you cover in the coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions are specifically focused on YOU and your personal business needs.

For certain people we focus more on getting started strategies and other people we focus more on marketing and growth strategies.

Depending on where you are personally in your journey, will determine the type of content that will be covered and focused on in our sessions.

How do we meet-up for our coaching sessions?

We typically do sessions through the Zoom platform or video chat room.

If you have a different suggestion or preference, we can use that as well.

How do I receive my recording of the coaching session?

The coaching session will be sent to your email within 48 hours after our session.

We typically have to upload it, then an automatic email is scheduled to send it out.

The file will be stored on the network for up-to 30 days and then purged.

If you lose the recording, we can keep a back-up for up-to 1 year. Just send a request.

What if I need to cancel a scheduled session?

No problem! 

We understand that things come up, people get sick, emergencies come up, etc. Just let us know ahead of time if possible and we will reschedule your session.

There will be no penalty if we have to reschedule for a future date.

Just try to be respectful and let us know 24 hrs in advance if possible.

Can I book more coaching sessions in the future?

Yes! We can custom create a package for you and your personal needs. If you need personal guidance and would like to follow-up more frequently, then we can set-up a custom plan for your business and personal needs.

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