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Our customers save up to 42+ hours per month to focus on their business

Explore Personal Stories from Our Clients

Everyone has unique requirements for their video needs.
You might need 3 months of light video work or you might need a full-time team. We offer various packages that allow you to grow.

Explore Personal Stories from Our Clients
Explore Personal Stories from Our Clients
Explore Personal Stories from Our Clients

Video Projects We Work On...

Everyone has unique requirements for their video needs. You might need 3 months of light video work or you might need a full-time team. We offer various packages that allow you to grow.

YouTube Videos

Running a YouTube channel, but don't have time to do video editing. Our editors are experts at editing YouTube videos!

Home Videos

Do you have home videos that you want edited making them fun to watch? Perfect! we love working with family videos and home movies.

Staff Training

We also create video training that could enhance your employees' skills and make them more valuable to your company!

Online Commercials

Do you have products you wish to promote online? Contact us! Our team of video editors could do videos just right for your need!

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are a thing nowadays. The demand is quite high. But you don't need to worry, I have a team that could help you!

Business Presentations

Creating Business Presentations can be stressful! It needs to capture everyone's attention and needs to be as detailed as possible. Let my team help you!

Wedding & Event Videos

Do you want to reminisce on the best day of your life like it was yesterday? Fret no more! We do wedding and event videos that captures the most magical day of your life!

Screen Casts

Do you do remote meetings? Sometimes it is important that you share your screen to everyone on board. Let my team help you do that for you!


Are you going to do a speech and you need it to be professionally edited? I have a team of editors who can help you create the video done!

Music Videos

We can help you edit your music videos to make it look professional. Yes! We can help you achieve your dream to have a professionally edited music video!

Real Estate Videos

Are you into real estate? A broker? It is definitely easier to sell properties when a professional does the video coverage! Contact us now!

Interviews & Talk Shows

Do you have an interview or talk show you need recorded? Let us help you with that! Our team are experts in editing videos that delivers the message you need!

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We take pride in the quality of our work and stand behind our book services with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We want you to be delighted and happy with our work. If you don’t like something, we will work with you to make it right, or we will refund your money.

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Get rid of and delete unwanted parts of your video

There are times where we make mistakes, do a second take, or multiple takes, and therefore we need to delete  parts of our video.

This is where trimming and cutting comes in. 

We can cut words, phrases, or even get rid of unwanted clips from your video so that way the video plays smoothly for your audience without delays.

Bring your video colors to life with color grading

Color grading improves the visual appearance of your video. This can include changing the colors, contract, saturation, details, black levels, and other settings.

At the end of the color grading process, your video quality will improve dramatically to reflect natural colors or enhance the colors within the video.

Improve your audio & engage your audience with the right music

Great music can make your video standout, motivate your audience, or put people in a better mood.

With the right music and audio, it can take your video production to a new level and make it more professional!

We have paid licenses to use great quality sound tracks for your videos to make your videos sound more professional while avoiding copyright strikes.

Bring your videos to life with animated text & pop-ups

An image example or screenshot can bring your thumbnail or video credibility.

This accelerates the potential for click-through and increases your views.

We love connecting & have many ways that you can reach us

One of the best ways to a successful video project is by connecting with each other and ensure we have an open line of communication.

For this reason, we have multiple ways that you can reach us. If you need to reach us, you can contact us by phone, text message, email, and even live chat!

Select One of Our Video Editing Packages

Everyone has unique requirements for their video needs.
You might need 3 months of light video work or you might need a full-time team. We offer various packages that allow you to grow.

Video Editing

Give us a try

$ 0
/single video

Want to pay-per-video? This is a simple plan to give us a try!

Video Editing


$ 0
/per month

Specifically made for YouTubers or content creators that create one video each week and a little extra

Video Editing


$ 0
/per month

Publish a little more than one video per week? This package is if you have an aggressive publishing schedule

Video Editing


$ 0
/per month

Perfect for large YouTube channels or agencies that publish about 3x a week or 15 times per month or less

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Our Process and How it Works

Here is a breakdown of our video editing process and how we get your videos edited!

1. Register for a Plan

Choose your package based on the number of videos you want edited each month.

2. Upload Videos

Upload the videos to our server, Dropbox, or Google Drive & let us know where your videos are

3. Editing Process

We start the editing process and get to work on your videos based on your submission

4. Review

Review your completed video. If changes are needed, we go back and make adjustments.

5. Complete

Once you are happy with the final video, mark it as complete!

Answering your common questions

Here are the answers to your most commonly asked questions…

What type of videos can you edit?

We can edit just about any video you throw at us from editing all your YouTube videos to company training, speeches, and real estate videos! Here is a quick list of the types of projects we’ve worked on:

  • YouTube Videos
  • Vlog Videos
  • Online Courses
  • Home Videos
  • Staff Training
  • Online Commercials
  • Promotional Videos
  • Business Presentations
  • Wedding & Event Videos
  • Screen Casts
  • Speeches
  • Music Videos
  • Real Estate Videos
  • Whiteboard Videos
  • Interviews & Talk Shows

If you have a special video you aren’t sure about, reach out to us and we will let you know if we can handle it. Most of the time the answer is yes!

What is the typical turnaround time for a video?

It really depends on the complexity and length of the video. Certain videos require more cuts, attention, and editing time.

For a typical video, we often give you a finished preview in 72 hours. Revisions or secondary edits may take 24-48 hours.

Please note that the hours are based on business hours and does not include weekends unless you are on the unlimited plan.

What software do you use to edit my videos?

All of our videos are edited on Adobe Premiere and for certain things we use Adobe After Effects.

How long can a video be?

We typically consider 1 hour of raw footage or 30 mins of edited footage as a video. If you have longer videos, we can use your video credits and simply try to make things as fair as possible. 

If we believe it is out of the scope or the request is beyond our capability, we can refund you your money. 

Otherwise, we stick to a 30 minute length or less as one video.

When you say you don't do animations or special effects, what does that mean?

It means we don’t work on animations from scratch such as 2D or 3D characters that are moving or interacting.

This would be something that requires extensive time, storyboards, and complex renderings.

When it comes to special effects, we can do basic effects for your videos, but anything beyond the normal where it includes particle explosions, light streaks, weather effects, or things you might see in movies, we just can’t handle it as it also requires a lot of time, rending, and not our specialty.

Can you add B-roll and music to my videos?

Of course we can! If you have secondary footage that you want added in during your main video clip, just request it and include it in your footage.

If you have specific spots you want us to insert it, then let us know as well.

Can you resize my video for other social media channels?

The finished video will be in a standard 16:9 format.

Once you approve the final version, we can resize the video or convert it to any format you like included with any plan.

How do we communicate to get the work done?

We do our communications mainly through email or our ticket system. This allows us to keep track of all the changes.

If you prefer to communicate another way, we are open to suggestions depending on the amount of videos we are processing for you.

Do you color grade videos?

We do color grade if you request it, but just basic color grading. Basic color grading may include:

  • Fixing the color, brightness, or tone of your video
  • Fix basic white balance problems
  • Exposure problems
How do I upload footage to you?

We can take uploads in a few different ways.

You can upload it to a Dropbox account, our FTP, or Wetransfer (which only stores files for 7 days),, and

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