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If you struggle with designing YouTube thumbnails, want variations in your thumbnails, or just want to save time - let us help you!

We can custom create new YouTube thumbnails for your upcoming videos or recreate your old YouTube thumbnails with a fresh look!

Click-worthy Youtube thumbnails are said to increase clicks by 21%

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We want you to be delighted and happy with our work. If you don’t like something, we will work with you to make it right, or we will refund your money.

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Our YouTube Thumbnail Design Examples

Here are some examples of thumbnails we’ve recently created. If you have specific style requirements, we can handle it and make sure your thumbnails match your style!

The power of using arrows in your thumbnails

By using arrows in some of the thumbnails we design helps direct the viewers focus into making the video “feel” important.

It can also point out specific items, products, or simply get their attention to refocus if they are drifting, day dreaming, or looking at another video thumbnail.

Bringing in the human element into your YouTube thumbnails

When you add a face to a thumbnail, people can relate. It is the same reason why many chimpanzees love watching other chimps or humans love reality TV.

Using faces in your thumbnails can increase your click-thru ratio.

Easy-to-read typography and fonts

Thumbnails should have easy-to-read fonts and a clear message of what your video is about without reading the title.

We focus on designing thumbnails that are strong and create less eye-strain to your audience.

We focus on showing proof in your thumbnails

An image example or screenshot can bring your thumbnail or video credibility.

This accelerates the potential for click-through and increases your views.

The right color choices can make your thumbnail stand-out

Not only can the right color choices grab attention of the audience, but it can also increase the number of people that can view the thumbnail to it’s full potential.

For example, many people don’t even consider the color-blind or people who are blue-green color blind and how that affects their thumbnails.

Our YouTube Thumbnail Design Packages

Everyone has unique requirements for their video thumbnails.

You might be posting videos once a week or five times a week. Depending on your personal needs, you can see our packages that can help you save time creating YouTube thumbnails.

thumbnail design

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$ 0

Great for people who just need a thumbnail here or there

thumbnail design


$ 0
/per month

Perfect for people who publish one to two videos per week

thumbnail design


$ 0
/per month

Fantastic for established channels who publish 2-3 times per week

thumbnail design


$ 0
/per month

Perfect for agencies or people who manage very active YouTube channels

Have questions before you get started?

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Our YouTube Thumbnail Design Process

Here is a breakdown of our YouTube thumbnail design process and how you can get started

1. Register for a Plan

Choose your package based on the number of videos you want edited each month.

2. Upload List of Titles and Images

Submit the title, text, and any assets you want to include in your thumbnail

3. Design Stage

We start the design process and get to work on your videos based on your notes

4. Review

Review your completed designs. If changes are needed, we go back and make adjustments.

5. Complete

Once you are happy with the final designs, mark them as complete!

Answering your common questions

Here are the answers to your most commonly asked questions…

What do you need from me to start a designing a thumbnail?

At the beginning of our relationship, it would be helpful to understand the aesthetics you are aiming for, niche you are in, designs you like, and the title of the video.

Any additional you wish to include such as photos, icons, or logos should be included as well.

What is the typical turnaround time for a YouTube thumbnail to get designed?

Our goal is to get designs to you in 48 hours. Once we have a relationship where we’ve worked with you for a few weeks, we will get an idea of your flow, timing, and requirements.

How can I upload images for you?

We can take uploads in a few different ways.

You can upload it to a:

  • Dropbox account
  • Wetransfer (which only stores files for 7 days)
  • Uploadfiles.io (30 day storage)
  • Google Drive
  • Or if needed, our direct FTP for larger files
Do unused designs rollover the next month?

If you have unused designs at the end of the billing period they DO NOT roll over to the next month.

For example: If you signed up for the Professional Package (15 thumbnails requests/month) on September 10th and you have 1 unused thumbnail request on October 9th and the plan renews the next day, that one remaining request does not get added to your total designs. Your total requests would still be 15 when the plan renews. 

After I receive the YouTube thumbnail design, what would I do?

When you receive your design order, one of three things will happen.

  • If you love the design, let us know and we’ll close out the task.
  • If you like it but would like to see us make a few changes to it, just reply back and we will make the changes and adjustments!
  • If we missed the mark and you need us to start over, then we can do that as well. If this happened, then it would be good to know of what went wrong, what you don’t like and some examples of designs you like.
How do we communicate to get the work done?

We do our communications mainly through email or our ticket system. This allows us to keep track of all the changes.

If you prefer to communicate another way, we are open to suggestions depending on the amount of tasks we are processing for you.

How many YouTube thumbnails can I really get in the unlimited plan?

The number of thumbnails would depend on how difficult the edits are to your thumbnails along with if we are hitting the mark on your items each time.

If you have a large list, we can put the list in our queue and do one at a time. Once we complete one, we can move on to the next one.

If you have a lot of thumbnails and simple edits, you can probably get more thumbnails completed. But if you have designs that require a lot of editing and communication time, this may reduce the number of thumbnails since communicating back and forth reduces our design time.

We try our best to knock things out of the park for you and get things done quickly, but it depends on your requirements.

The upside to the unlimited plan is we put a priority to high-demand clients and do design work on the weekends.

Ready to have catchy thumbnails that get clicks?

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